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2011-2012 New Yamaha Jupiter MX

2011-2012 New Yamaha Jupiter MX

 Early half of 2011, would be the main target is carried out by PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (PT. YMKI) to boost sales. As well as launching new champ also given ngaran New Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 CC. How not? Presented a variety of technical features of the overall look of the product. Clearly offers a more distinct flavor and value. Compared with other competitors products.
With the change in metamorphosis form of striping a fresh new look and totally new in terms of appearance. No doubt, his presence makes everyone even more curious. As a whole. Design and appearance of body, of a distinctive character for the Yamaha factory spawned a new product.In totality. Shape change of the duck High End view of this, seems to appear on the new flasher and front portion of the more memorable impression designnya assertive and sporty. Of course, New Yamaha Jupiter MX spin facelift marketed by PT. YMKI in early January 2011. Clearly indicate, as if Yamaha knows exactly the mindset that is required by costumers Indonesia. Moreover, there had been previous-gembornya gembar ago at the end of 2010. That Yamaha itself, a few months earlier. First, has conducted research and analysis worth.Yamaha Jupiter MX is present and is marketed by two different types. Namely (Auto Clutch) and automatic clutch (Full Clutch) clutch manual. New Yamaha Jupiter MX auto clutch, using centrifugal wet clutch 4-speed multiplat. However, for the berkopling manually using a wet type clutch 5-speed manual multiplat. It is clear, judging from the specifications. More expensive than the manual clutch automatic clutch. Because in addition, has been the front-rear Disc. Acceleration was already using a 5-speed, coupled with a larger tire size than her sister earlier.Instead, if you see the difference in price is offered. Allegedly, Yamaha Jupiter MX version of the manual clutch. Will compete with products from Honda Supra X 125 injection, which is priced at Rp. 16.500.00, -. While for the automatic clutch version, is certainly still compete with his old opponent, Honda Supra X 125 Non-CW and CW.Given the change in performance on the kitchen runway. To type autoclutch New Jupiter MX, turns the power generated at 12:14 HP has the power to 8500RPM, as well as maximum torque at 6000rpm 11.79Nm. Instead, if compared with the previous MX. Obviously power and torque produced is relatively larger. While the New Jupiter MX manual, could spend a greater power. Ie, capable of achieving HP at 8500RPM 12:52 and maximum torque at 6000rpm 12.14Nm. Obviously with this condition. New Jupiter MX kitchen runway capacity of 134.4 cc SOHC 4-stroke liquid cooled. Clearly offers better performance, according to consumer demands.Technical features are applied to the other. Namely, the use 100/70-17 rear tire, which is larger than the previous MX. Of course, would be able to add more stability when driving qualified. No doubt, followed also by the impression of a larger tire appearance, muscular and handsome. Changes in height and width dimensions higher too, deliberately accommodated by PT. YMKI. It's clear, change to a sense of comfort while driving mengedapankan for the user.Other features such as Diasil cylinder, Forged Piston, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), radiator coolant and AIS. Of course, afford to have a strong resistance to friction. In addition, the performance and can also offer a better power to spin up and down. Instead, the size of the larger box of space and form a more sporty speedometer. Clearly capable of supporting an increase in product value, in line with expectations and demands of costumers in Indonesia.PT. YMKI membanderol official prices, of these two different types. Clutch for Auto version, priced at Rp. 15.725 million, - (OTR Bandung). While the manual clutch version, priced at Rp. 16.45 million, - (OTR Bandung). Well, no matter the color choices can certainly diseuaikan with the wishes and tastes Bikes. In this case, of course, Yamaha presents four color options. That is maroon, blue, green and orange. Obviously with the new colors look more cool, solid and sporty.written and photo by Ramdan Kurniawan
SPECIFICATIONSYamaha Jupiter MX 2011 (Non-Kopling/Auto Clutch)Engine Type: SOHC, Liquid CooledCapacity: 134.4 ccPower: 12.14 rpm hp/8.500Torque: 11.79 rpm Nm/6.000Transmission: 4-SpeedSuspension Front: TelescopicRear Suspension: Swing Arm, Suspension MonocrossBrakes Front: DiscRear brake: TromolTires Front: 70/90-17M/C 38PRear tires: 49P 100/70-17M/CBusi: CPR8EA-9 (NGK) / U24EPR-9 (DENSO)Length x Width x Height: 1960 mm x 695 mm x 1080 mmTank Capacity: 4 LitrePrice (OTR London): Rp. 15.725 million, -Yamaha Jupiter MX 2011 (Clutch / Full Clutch)Engine Type: SOHC, Liquid CooledCapacity: 134.4 ccPower: 12.52 rpm hp/8.500Torque: 12.14 rpm Nm/6.000Transmission: 5-SpeedSuspension Front: TelescopicRear Suspension: MonocrossBrakes Front: DiscBrakes Rear: DiscTires Front: 70/90-17M/C 38PRear tires: 49P 100/70-17M/CBusi: CPR8EA-9 (NGK) / U24EPR-9 (DENSO)Length x Width x Height: 1960 mm x 695 mm x 1080 mmTank Capacity: 4 LitrePrice (OTR London): Rp. 16.45 million, -

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